Why It’s A Must to Perform Machine Repair and Preventive Maintenance?

Why It’s A Must to Perform Machine Repair and Preventive Maintenance?
100731-N-6092D-151 (PACIFIC OCEAN) July 31, 2010 – Machinery Repairman Fireman Nate Goodwin, from Medina, N.Y., manufactures a valve seat in the Machine Repair Shop aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72); saving the Navy more than $1,300. Lincoln is underway in preparation to begin Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX), which is designed to train the ship, embarked air wing and other units that make up the strike group to function as one highly effective fighting force. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Christopher Dollar/ RELEASED)

Just like us human beings, the everyday functions we perform make us feel tired and exhausted. This is why we need to take a break from time to time or recharge so we can function well again. The same goes for machines. As we use them on a regular basis, time comes when they can just can’t do the job anymore and a machine repair becomes necessary. To avoid this from happening, preventive maintenance should be employed.

Preventive Machinery Maintenance

Regardless if your business is big or small, performing an effective machine repair and preventive maintenance is very important. But which among the many maintenance strategies is right for you? This is a challenging question because failing to make the right decision could be very catastrophic to you and your business.

Reactive Versus Preventive Maintenance

In terms of choosing the right method of maintenance that needs to be performed, it can be challenging to choose between preventive and reactive maintenance. There are various factors that should be considered.

But since preventive maintenance is more commonly performed, it will be a big help to better understand what it is and the benefits it has to offer. Preventive is done to utilize assets and minimize cost. It is performed to avoid unplanned breakdowns.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

Less Risk Factor

Since the machines and the entire building is checked regularly, they become less prone to breaking down without notice. As a result, a safer working environment for the employees is created.

Follows a Schedule

By strictly following a schedule, you will be able to keep a budget while maintaining the building. At the same time, you can keep track your equipment and even pin point the times you have to replace the equipment.

Longer Machine Life

A machine that is regularly checked and maintained will always be in its best shape, thus extending its lifespan. By performing routine checkups on building parts like boilers, pipes, and roofing, you are also extending the life of the building.

Money Saving

Through time, you will notice that less money is spent because there is no need to replace your machines as much or to deal with breakdowns. While some unplanned maintenance might still be needed, the chances will be lesser when the machines and the building are regularly checked.

Less Energy Waste

Generally, when a machine is not maintained, it would drain more energy, thus increasing utility bills. But with proper maintenance, you can save more energy and money.

A machine is a must in order for a job to be done properly while making sure that the best quality is achieved. In case of a breakdown or damage, the production becomes affected that can cost a lot of money. But you can avoid these things from happening by performing a preventive maintenance on them.

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