Design Tips for Better Quality Parts

3D printing is increasingly gaining recognition as one of the best ways to custom manufacture parts. Its flexibility and wide catalog of options make it a perfect for several industries, as well as for all types of hobbyists and facilities. When you add 3D scanners to the mix, the process becomes a one-suite solution that can fulfill all design needs.

With that said, anything good can still be made better – and 3d printing is no exception. If you have been using it for a while now and you want to improve the quality of the parts that you produce, here are essential design tips.

3d Printing

Pay attention to technicalities

There are many things that govern the condition of the resulting part, and it is important that you or your team take special care with managing every single one of them. For example, transitions between adjoining surfaces should ideally be gradual to ensure integrity for the entire part. Similarly, sharp corners must be minimised, as they can radically decrease the quality of the resulting part. Thin walls should also be not drawn too tall to prevent warping or buckling.


Follow proper practices.

Employing the right measures in 3d printing or 3d scanning is also important to preserving the quality of the results that you will get. Do not get tempted to shortchange the process by the lure of decreased costs, if the strategy may potentially affect of your final product. For example, taking accurate scans of an image is subject to establishing the right angle and lighting; similarly, the right materials should be chosen for printing your prototypes.  


Run iterations before final printing.

Finally, test your prints before deciding to print in volume. This is important in assessing whether the design is good to go, or if you need to make modifications that will enhance the end product.


At Objective 3D, we make sure that our customers get the results that they need with our range of 3d printing solutions, as well as our range of 3D scanners, printers, and more. If you need assistance with design, our team works with yours to draft and finalise your goals and requirements into working models and, finally, finished products.

We also go the extra mile in providing comprehensive product guidance, so that you are treated to the kind of information that you need to make the right calls about your 3d printing projects. Send us a message today and let us know what you need!