All about 3D printer technology

3D printer technology was introduced in to the world of technology in the year 1986 but it could get the pace from 1990s. It became popular out of the worlds of architecture, manufacturing and engineering only during the recent years. It is one among the most interesting and hottest advancement in the various areas like marketing and designing. It can help in making a part from it’s scratch only in much less time than what was possible few years back. This has made developers and designers to change from the flat screen to an actual physical part.

This technology is also known as additive manufacturing and it includes the process of creating 3D objects out of digital model. It is made possible by using the additive processes. The products are manufactured by positioning the material’s successive layers together. There is possibility for you to gain much benefits by making use of 2D printing technology. It is one of the popular printing innovations ever introduced in the 21st century. This technology has got much greater popularity in consumer market.

3d printersThe traditional methods of manufacturing makes use of the processes of moulding and cutting for making structures and shapes which has got much limitations. The 3D printers technology can help in easily making many complicated structures without the hassles of a traditional one. This technology forms virtual designs out of CAD and animation – modeling software. It can then convert these designs to thin, flat and virtual cross sections and can then produce successive layers until the whole model is produced. This technology makes it possible for producing a physical model which is almost same of the virtual model. This technology also allows the combination of new and different raw – materials in making new shapes and structures. The combination of these different raw materials were not something applicable to the mass product due to the higher cost and the problem in making such a combination. These limitations were overcome by the 3D printer technology. This has made many company produce different kinds of materials that come with unique finish and has the look and feel of metal, ceramics and glass. They also have got different temperature and shock resistance as per the kind of materials that are combined in them. 3D printing is a technology that uses only less amount of energy and also minimizes the amount of material wastage. The materials that are made out of this technology are lighter than the ones made out of traditional methods. This technology is much Eco friendly due to its various features. You can also use them due to the cheap manufacturing cost and fast production offered by them.

This is the technology that has got greater scope in the future. There is possibility for the 3D printer technology to be used for developing human internal parts in flawless manner. They can also be used in the production of automobiles, armory and drones. They can be even applicable in forensic. The application and scope of this technology is really much wide.